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About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design   About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design

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Best Way to Insert Flash – swfobject

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

If you often use flash content for your web sites, and have ever wondered about the best way to insert it, then the swfobject is it. The swfobject is a tiny javascript file that allows you to easily embed flash content onto your web page, with very little fuss and also has other great benefits. The code used is so much cleaner then the default Adobe flash embed script, and has benefits such as being HTML & XHTML compliant.

Server Side Includes Tutorial (SSI)

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

If you have never heard of or used a Server Side Include (SSI) before, then you must read this post, as a Server Side Include is one cool way to insert content into your web page. When you use a Server Side Include the server takes the entire content of one file and places it onto your page, where you specify it. A Server Side Include would be used for such things as a navigation menu on a site, where the navigation menu is re-used on many or every single page. By using a Server Side Include, when you go to update the menu, you only have to update one file instead of every page that has the menu, makes sense huh?

Onpoint Creations Launches Easy3StepSites.com

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Easy3StepSites.comOnpoint Creations are pleased to have launched Easy3StepSites.com, a brand new cheap web design builder that lets you build you own website in as little as 5 minutes.

For $149.95 you get your own domain name of your choice, a cool page layout with all your business / personal information, a contact page with a contact form, 10 professional email address, web stats, webmail, and a admin centre that enables you to change and update the information on your website! Not only do you get all this but the pages are also optimised for search engines, and you automatically get submitted to them so you should be found when someone searches your business name, or other phrases related to your field.

RSS 101 – Let Me Tell You About RSS

Monday, January 7th, 2008

There is no doubt you may have heard the term RSS before. It is becoming more and more popular on the web, and if you are not using it, there is a good chance you should be as it can save you time and bring you all the content you only want to read.

SEO Friendly Scrollbar Tutorial

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

A scrollbar can be a very useful tool in many web design situations. There are many websites that have areas with fixed height, and so without a scrollbar the amount of text or content that you can place in these areas is very limited. A perfect example is aurifyclothing.com – if you take a look you will be able to see the main cell area has a scrollbar in place, to allow us to add as much text and content as we want, without increasing the height.

About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design   About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design