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About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design   About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design

The Power of a Blog

A blog is a very simple, effective and powerful tool to have on your web site, no matter what your site may be about. If you asked me I would say that a blog should be mandatory for any company web site, as web 2.0 is here and a great way to embrace the technology is to start blogging.

In case you are unfamiliar with what exactly a blog is and how it works, just take a look around this page as you are reading a blog post right now. A blog really is an electronic version of keeping a hand written journal, and you are able to write entries or posts on anything you want. There are also many great standard features that come with a blog, including the ability for people to post comments and ask questions relating to your posts.

With a Onpoint Creations blog installed on your web site, you are able to easily log in to an admin section where you are able to write posts, and also have access to settings and category management. Any time that you have any new company news, an idea that you wish to share, or new product you would like to promote, you can log in and write about it. Once you save and publish the post it will automatically appear in your blog, for people to read and comment on. After time of writing regular posts, the blog will have massive benefits for your site that you are most likely currently unaware of. As posts are published, these new pages will be indexed by the search engines and most likely show up in search results which will lead to increased traffic for your site.

Creating a Community

Apart from the benefits of creating additional content for your site as described above, the biggest benefit of having a blog in my mind is the fact that you are building a community. Once your blog is well established, and providing you write about relevant topics that are well re-searched and well written, you should have a group of dedicated readers who visit and comment on your blog regularly. These people will basically use your site as a place to hang out and share feedback about your posts, and gives you the ability to directly communicate with these people. If you can communicate with these people selling them your services is going to be a breeze, as by this time they will trust you and respect your knowledge in your field.

There are many other benefits too such as being able to learn more about the people reading your blog by reading and taking note of the comments they post. As you can see it gives you leverage with your customer base that would be impossible otherwise.

Our Blog Design Service

Onpoint Creations to date have setup and installed many blogs for clients from a range of different industries, and have the experience to not only configure and design your blog, but also ensure it gets to a good start by writing relevant posts on well re-searched topics in order to gain instant traffic via search results. We also use a range of other tools that help actively promote your blog to make sure that anyone looking for it will find it.

If you are interested in starting your own blog, whether you already have a web site or not, give us a call now on (02) 8003 4773 for a free quote, or alternatively use our contact form here. We have the experience and knowledge in order to get you blogging today.

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About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design   About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design