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About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design   About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design

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Get Quality SEO Services from a Specialized SEO Company

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

The popularity of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has increased tremendously over the last couple of years. This is largely because of the benefits it offers, such as increased visibility, high return on investment, cost effectiveness, attraction of targeted traffic and long term positioning among others. There are numerous companies that promise to deliver the best SEO services and while this is the case, you should tread with caution. If you are looking for SEO services that will give you an edge over your competitors, you should not look any further than At Onpoint Creations, SEO is offered as part of web design services.

Windows URL Rewriting – How to rewrite for Windows

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Isapi RewriteBeing .NET developers, we have always had the problem of rewriting URL’s. Websites hosted on an Apache web server have no problem as you have the use of the .htaccess file, a file which has many uses, including the ability to rewrite URL’s.

If you are not sure what URL rewriting is to begin with, it is the process of changing a URL’s appearance, usually to shorter and cleaner URL. The reason for doing this usually comes back to the topic of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. URL’s that are shorter in length, are words rather then numbers, and are words that relate to the content of the page are not only going to benefit you massively through SEO, but the URL’s will be much easier for your users to remember and type in. There are many other uses and reasons to rewrite URL’s that people use however I won’t go into detail here.

About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design   About Onpoint Creations Sydney Website Design