Casey & Lowe

Archaeology & Heritage Website

Casey & Lowe are a leading archaeological and heritage company. We are a specialised, highly skilled team working in historical archaeology and heritage, focusing on best practice methodologies and quality outcomes.

They are based in the inner-west of Sydney, Australia. Our research extends across greater Sydney as well as rural and regional NSW.

We were contracted to improve their extremely old website into a brand new modern 2019 website. We built a custom projects map with an 1880’s map placed over a Google map with markers in which the user would have the feeling of looking at an old map finding archaeological sites in NSW.

With 25 years experience delivering state significant projects, they work closely with their clients to provide sound advice and recommend appropriate strategies to manage project risks. They provide and complete archaeological programs and reporting in a timely manner including providing successful outcomes in the form of Section 140, Section 160 and Exceptions S139(4) approvals.